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A crucial flower delivery that was to have been made today, May 30, 2017 was not done. The order was placed and paid for online at 7AM PT for guaranteed same day delivery.

The first issue was the surprise addition of a ridiculous $16.95 service fee. After paying for the order, I happened to check the company reviews and saw that they were awful. Concerned, I called a rep at Gift Tree to ensure that my order would absolutely be delivered today. The rep, Heidi Keims, swore up and down the line that she, personally, would ensure no problems for me, including e-mailing the status of the delivery as it occurred.

By 5:30 PM PT, no notification had come in and I again called the the company. I spoke with the Custom Service Manager, Sara Marlo, who assured me that the flowers would be delivered by 7 PM. Actually- she insisted that it would happen. I somehow knew that she was lying , since everything she said made no sense and her mantra of "It's on the truck" was not hopeful.

I'm from a legal family and in short, know not just my rights, but how to scare the sh... out of someone. By the time that I was finished with her, she was forced to send me an e-mail, the content of which is attached below. Meanwhile, it turned out that the flowers (which were for a funeral) were not delivered and I then warned another agent, Karen Merrill, that I'd report the so-called company's behavior, as well as the specific employees to the AG's office, the BBB, etc.

I told her to immediately refund my PayPal payment, which she said that she couldn't do until tomorrow (another lie). After the threat to call PayPal myself, (as well as other threats) the refund mysteriously got done by GiftTree. The time, energy and upset caused by this company's incompetence (at best) and listening to the lies is, however, a warning to all to stay away. Finally, GiftTree is (oddly) owned by Time Inc, whose President is Rich Battista.

I suggest that a letter writing campaign to him to advise of GiftTree's disgusting behavior might well make a difference.

Finally, I'm waiting to see if Sara Marlo keeps her word to have the flowers, free of charge, ( albeit, too late for the occasion), delivered tomorrow. This is a total matter if principle.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gifttree Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Vancouver, Washington, United States #1344992
GiftTree Verified Representative

Dear Jessica,

I was surprised and saddened to see this review after my follow up to you on this delivery.

I can definitely appreciate how upsetting the experience was for you, to not be able to track your flowers by the minute.

I did let you know that the florist had been closed, but that it was likely the delivery had already been completed and that I'd be following up with you personally once we had more details on the order so that I could provide the actual delivery time once we had the driver logs back.

You asked me what happens if this was not delivered and I let you know that I would make sure you were not charged for this order, and that I'd also make sure the flowers were still received. I offered to follow up via email with you so that you had documentation of our conversation (attached email.)

We did expedite a full refund to your account due to the extended frustrations and phone calls to customer service, however, your order was delivered at approximately 5pm on the date that you requested.

At this time, you have been refunded for the full amount and your loved one has accepted the delivery.

I phoned you the morning after delivery to alert you to the successful delivery being made, as well as followed up via email. I did not hear from you after this.

Do not hesitate to reach me back if there is anything further to discuss. Best Regards, Sara Marlo

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